Belichick has little to offer on Welker, Hernandez situations

Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t provide much when pressed for details Monday about the top two story lines from Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Belichick had little to say about the status of tight end Aaron Hernandez, who injured his ankle in the first quarter, or receiver Wes Welker, whose role in the offense appeared to be reduced prior to Hernandez going down.

Earlier Monday, Welker mentioned in a WEEI interview that the time he missed in training camp because of a death in his family might have put him behind other players. Belichick dispelled that notion.


“Wes has a lot of experience around here. I think he’s one of our smartest and obviously most experienced players. I don’t really see him behind,” Belichick said.

Belichick was also asked whether Julian Edelman, who started ahead of Welker, was a better option.

“We have different combinations of personnel groups out there in every game, all the time, pretty much every week. That’s pretty much the way we run our offense and we have for quite awhile. The players that we have out there are the ones that we feel are best for that particular play, situation, however you want to look at it. That’s the way we set up the plays, the offense, when they’re called then we put that group out there. Whatever is out there is what we feel is best for our team for that time, for that play, for that situation.”

Regarding Hernandez, Belichick said he didn’t know how it would affect the team’s offense, didn’t know if Hernandez had suffered any broken bones, and had no “preliminary sense” of how long Hernandez would be out.

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