Edelman discusses moving on, getting more ‘clock’

Patriots players spent the bulk of their work day Monday breaking down Sunday’s loss to Arizona and in meetings. Julian Edelman chatted briefly in the locker room about turning the page to Baltimore and his role with the offense.

On losing to the Cardinals
Regardless of the opponent, you’re going to have to put a loss in the past. And personally, as an individual, I have, and now, I’m thinking about the Ravens. They’re a tough team, on the road. You know, an AFC opponent. It’s a crucial game.


Discussing his increased workload as a receiver
You know what? I just go into the game doing whatever the coaches ask me to do. I prepare each and every day like I’m going to be playing, and if my number is called, my number is called.

If things are different for him now that he’s focused just on offense and special teams instead of offense, defense and special teams
I mean, I’m actually dealing with it the same. You go in on Tuesday, you get the game plan, you do what the coaches ask you to do and you go out there and you do it to the best of your ability. That’s what I’m doing and that’s what I will continue to do.

On Aaron Hernandez’s injury
It’s terrible to see one of your better players go down — one of your best players. It’s unfortunate. But we’re going to have to move and and hope he gets back quick.

Are you where you want to be right now mentally and physically?
No, you’re never where you want to be. You can always be better. That’s what I’m striving to do.


Will the offense change at all without Hernandez?
You know, you’re going to have to ask coach (Josh) McDaniels on that. My job as a player is to do what I’m asked to do. Like I said, he’s a great player, but I have to focus on what I have to do to help contribute to this team.

Have you sensed a change in your role this year?
I’ve gotten a little more clock, so … have you? Couple more snaps.

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