Brady mum on possible Belichick fine, tries to tune out talk of officials

FOXBOROUGH — As the rage of the replacement officials continues to fester across the NFL, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wouldn’t bite when asked about his feelings on the situation, pointing to only what he and his teammates can control.

“I’m just trying to play quarterback,” Brady said. “I’m not thinking about the flow [of the game] or TV timeouts. Our opponent last week was the Ravens. This week it’s the Bills. Not anyone else. Hopefully, we don’t leave it up to one call, or one play.”

After Sunday’s 31-30 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on a 27-yard field goal by Justin Tucker as time expired, Patriots coach Bill Belichick grabbed umpire Ali Shetula to try and get his attention. Belichick explained later that he wanted an explanation on why the field goal, which crossed the top of the right bar, was not reviewable. Now he faces a possible fine for grabbing the official. Brady wanted no part of that conversation.


“That’s probably a better question for [Belichick],” Brady said. “That’s not really my involvement.”

The quarterback explained his mindset, saying the team cannot be bothered with things outside of their control.

“I think we have all the motivation we need to go out and play well this week,” he said. “I think we need to tighten some things up in practice. We all have to understand we have to do a better job [and] not concern ourselves with things that are out of our control. What we can control is our attitude, our preparation, and really the process. There’s a bad outcome and a good process? Then we just got to work harder on the process. Certainly we’ve had two bad outcomes in the last few weeks, but we believe in what we’re doing, we believe that we can continue to work hard to get better, and we’re showing improvements in some areas and it’s obvious we still need to improve in others.”

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