Bills 14, Patriots 7: Halftime thoughts

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – Some thoughts as the Patriots trail the Bills 14-7 at halftime.

  • Obviously, a huge play by Brandon Spikes to force a C.J. Spiller fumble at the goal line right before halftime. Spikes absolutely destroyed Spiller. Awesome hit. But why the Bills allowed a guy with a bum shoulder to carry the ball in that situation is beyond me. Nevertheless, a huge play when the Patriots were very close to trailing 21-7 at halftime.
  • Before that, the big story of the game was the Patriots’ offense failing to score any points on two turnovers delivered by the defense. The Patriots used to kill in those situations.
  • Stephen Gostkowski (two misses) has lost all confidence. I wouldn’t send him out there for anything longer than an extra point.
  • Devin McCourty, like last week, is off to a terrific start and actually caught the interception this time. But can he finish the game strong?
  • The Patriots’ safety play has been poor. Patrick Chung bit on a weak pump fake on the first touchdown to TE Scott Chandler.
  • The offensive line is playing very well for the Patriots, but Tom Brady needs to get rid of the ball a little quicker. He had a few opportunities deep that he didn’t see. Expect the Patriots to try a few more of those in the second half.
  • Patriots used a few zone exchanges early to get pressure. Would like to see them try a few more in the second half.
  • Patriots should stick with the run game with Stevan Ridley. They have something there with the hurry-up.
  • Rookie Bills CB Stephon Gilmore looks like a player. Doing a nice job on Brandon Lloyd. Looks like the Patriots feel there’s some opportunities with in-breaking routes. Look for them to try that more in the second half.

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