Welker gave curious answer after the game

FOXBOROUGH — Receiver Wes Welker had a curious answer to a question when he appeared on Comcast Sports New England’s postgame show.

It was either an awkward joke, or a veiled shot at coach Bill Belichick for the way Welker was used in a supporting role early in the season.

You be the judge. The question and answer come about halfway through the one-minute clip.

Michael Felger asked the following question to Welker:

“Your 13 catches have got to put you in the top five in the league in receiving, which is a far cry from the three receptions you had in Week 1. A month later, it has to be more fun to come out of a game with 13 versus three.”

Welker’s response, which did come with a smile and a wink:

“Yeah, it’s kind of nice to stick it in Bill’s face once in a while, so this is definitely a good one.”

What makes it strange is that Welker was the one who brought Belichick into it, apparently unsolicited.

Definitely a curious exchange, at least.


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