Wes Welker says Bill Belichick comment ‘a joke’

Though he said it with a wink and a smile, Wes Welker’s postgame comment on Comcast SportsNet New England on Sunday night about his 13-catch game (“It’s nice to stick it in Bill’s face once in a while”) certainly became water-cooler and talk-show fodder Monday.

Welker probably knew that it had blown up and didn’t run from it today, speaking with reporters in the Patriots’ locker room. He explained that it was said in jest.

“Yeah, I mean … it was a joke. I don’t know what else to say about it; it was a joke. But Bill and I, whether y’all believe it or not, have a good relationship and it was a joke and I’ll make sure to keep that in-house going forward,” he said.


Asked if he’d talked to Belichick about what he said, Welker replied, “Any discussions are between us and the team, and everything else. But he talks to all the players all the time. He’s our coach.”

The receiver acknowledged that it’s tough to say certain things these days.

“Yeah, obviously. So … you’ve just got to be careful with what you say. Bill does a good job of challenging us and being a great coach and doing the things necessary that he needs to do. I made a joke about it and, you know, won’t happen again,” Welker said.

Dan Roche did a good job of lightening the mood, asking Welker for his thoughts on Belichick – is he the greatest coach ever?

Welker laughed. “No doubt. And that’s not a joke.”

He added that he doesn’t “think so at all” in regards to whether or not there will be repercussions.

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