Patriots 17, Seahawks 10: Halftime thoughts

SEATTLE — A few thoughts at halftime as the Patriots lead the Seahawks 17-10 at halftime:

  • That intentional grounding penalty was somewhat iffy to finish the half, but the Patriots should have kicked the field goal with six seconds left and no timeouts. It was a risk not worth taking with the way they were playing. Go up two scores. It’s a no-brainer.
  • All in all a very good half for the Patriots. They played very well offensively, and got the usual formula — big plays in big spots — on defense.
  • The Patriots are going to have to go the rest of the game with their three main options on offense — Wes Welker (right ankle), Rob Gronkowski (hip/back) and Aaron Heranandez (ankle) — gutting it out. Hernandez actually looks the best of all three right now. Welker and Gronkowski are really laboring after plays.
  • It didn’t take the Patriots long to bench Kyle Arrington for Alfonso Dennard after Arrington gave up a few big plays early on, including a touchdown.
  • The Patriots had more trouble than they thought keeping QB Russell Wilson in the pocket. His escapability opened up even more holes in the Patriots’ secondary.
  • Outside of missed tackles by Jerod Mayo and Brandon Spikes, the Patriots are playing extremely well in the front seven. They seem very active.
  • As for Hernandez, he looks decent, but the Patriots are trying to limit him to a few early downs, and then a lot of action in the red zone. Seems smart. It will probably be hard to keep Hernandez out of the second half. He’s going to want to play.
  • The Seahawks have no answer for Welker. Zero. Seems amazing to me. What film were they watching?
  • Seems the Patriots’ gameplan was to spread out the bigger and fast Seahawks and let Brady pick them apart. Seahawks had zero pass rush in the first half as Brady got rid of it quickly.
  • Brandon Bolden seems done after limping off the field.

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