Final look back at Seahawks

My review of the 24-23 loss to the Seahawks was posted this morning. Here, in my view, are the top and bottom Patriots performers from that game.

Five up

  1. Wes Welker, WR: Accounted for 29.1 percent of the Patriots’ yardage as he continues to be uncoverable one-on-one. And amazing toughness to boot.
  2. Chandler Jones, DE: The consistency with which he is playing is truly impressive for a rookie early draft entry. He accounted for 37.5 percent of the Patriots’ 12 total quarterback pressures and it’s that way every week.
  3. Danny Woodhead, RB: Had nine touches for 71 yards and should have been used more. Errant pass by Tom Brady cost Woodhead and the team a red-zone touchdown. And, boy, what a third-down conversion when he fended off multiple Seahawks.
  4. Logan Mankins, LG: Has really started to turn a corner the past two weeks despite playing on one leg late in both games. No quarterback pressures allowed.
  5. Rob Ninkovich, LB: Switched positions and did it with ease. Had six standout plays, including a half sack (caused one of Jones’), drew a holding penalty, half tackle for a loss and a half run stuff.

Honorable mention: Brandon Spikes, Vince Wilfork, Brandon Lloyd, Ryan Wendell, Matthew Slater.

Five down

  1. Patriots coaching staff: There were multiple game management problems that cost the team a victory. It was startling.
  2. Patrick Chung, S: Was involved in three of the seven plus-20 yard plays given up and generally was out of the game. He was always a step behind and played on his heels, likely because he was playing next to a rookie and was extra cautious.
  3. Kyle Arrington, CB: Got benched after giving up two plus-20 plays, including a touchdown early. Not sure how much he was really to blame, but the coaches obviously thought it was on him.
  4. Tom Brady, QB: Had some really good plays, especially in the second half, but his two interceptions and two penalties really hurt. Ranks up there with his worst games of the past couple of years: Giants regular season ’11, Jets playoff loss ’10, at Jets ’10 regular season, at Jets ’09 regular season. Look, the guy’s not perfect.
  5. Nate Solder, LT: Was taught multiple lessons by veteran DE Chris Clemmons as Solder allowed 1.5 sacks (one was negated by grounding), two hurries and 1.5 knockdowns.

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