Tom Brady defends Patriots’ running game

FOXBOROUGH — Reflecting on Sunday’s 24-23 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady again lamented the offense’s lost opportunities. But one thing he wouldn’t allow himself to bemoan was the lack of a running game.

The Patriots racked up 475 yards of offense against the Seahawks, but were unable to punch the ball in the end zone on several drives. Despite moving the ball well, the Patriots have been criticized for abandoning the run. The team had 87 yards rushing Sunday.

“Last week we did a good job moving the ball, we had almost 500 yards of offense, we just didn’t score enough points,” Brady said. “I don’t think it’s a matter of running or passing. It’s important to be able to do both. It’s important to be able to run it when you need to run it. It’s important to throw it when you need to throw it.


“But what you do on a weekly basis, you have to be able to do, whatever you’re doing well enough to score more points than the other team,” Brady continued. “A week like last week where we really get up and move the ball up and down the field, and we’re one in six in the red area, that’s why we lose the game. It’s not like it’s 110 yards offense. We’re making plays, we just gotta make more of them. And certainly we’ve got to make more of these important ones when we’re down close in the red area so we’re scoring touchdowns and not kicking field goals.”

Also of note:

Brady on Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman’s tweets about meeting him after the game: ” I don’t have any control over that. I have no feelings either way.”

On New York Jets cornerback Antonion Cromartie, and how the two have become civil in the media: “I think he’s a great player. He’s one of the best corners in the league. And has been for awhile. I usually don’t get into it much. So I wish I could help you out there.”

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