Patriots 16, Jets 10: Halftime thoughts

FOXBOROUGH – A few thoughts as the Patriots lead 16-10 at halftime.

  • Only seven points for the offense in the first half. That is extremely surprising, and probably disappointing to Patriots fans.
  • I don’t have any ready explanation for why that is. The Patriots probably thought they had an advantage with Wes Welker, but CB Isaiah Trufant has done a terrific job. Reminds me of the performance that Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick had against Welker last season.
  • The big worry is the Patriots have had trouble finishing off people offensively. So if they don’t go on a run here to start the second half – the Jets get the ball – recent history tells us this is going down to the end.
  • Too many drops by the Patriots.
  • Three more plus-20 yard plays by an opponent.
  • Patriots got a huge boost from special teams with Devin McCourty’s kickoff return for a touchdown.
  • Good to see Alfonzo Dennard get an interception, but it was a horrible decision by Mark Sanchez throwing so late, and an even worse throw.
  • The Patriots need Chandler Jones to be a force in the second half. They should flip him more to the left side to go up against RT Austin Howard.
  • Big loss with Jerod Mayo going off with a left arm injury.
  • Devin McCourty has settled things in the back end at safety. The Patriots should keep him there and deal with whatever they can get at cornerback.
  • The Jets are trailing, but it sure seems like they’re winning. The Patriots need to turn this game around in the third quarter. The Jets are going to come out of halftime with a lot of enthusiasm.

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