Brady: Patriots trying to fix fourth-quarter offense

FOXBOROUGH — Fourth quarters haven’t been kind to the Patriots of late, with the team being outscored by the New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks in the last two weeks, 27-6.

While the Patriots defense has been criticized consistently for its foibles defending the pass, the offense has relatively avoided it for its fourth-quarter trend. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said it was one of many things the team was trying to fix.


“We talk about a lot of things over the course of the week, we talk about starting a game, we talk about finishing a game, we talk about overtime,” Brady said. “We end up talking about everything. And really you’re trying to do everything well. That’s the goal every week is to go out and play well for 60 minutes, plus if you need it like we did last week.

“There’s not too many instances where we, or ever, where we just feel like we can just roll our helmets out there and say ‘oh, we’re just gonna get it done.’ No, because you have to go out and earn it. Part of the NFL is earning it every week. And you play very good teams like we’ve seen this year, and they make you earn it for 60 minutes.

“If they beat the Patriots, they’re going to have to play a good game,” Brady continued. “Whoever we beat, we’re going to have to play a good game.”

The Patriots travel this week to London, where they’ll face the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. The Rams (3-4) have beaten both Arizona and Seattle this season. Each of those teams managed to steal a win from the Patriots. Brady warned of looking past the Rams to the bye week.


“We’ve already lost to two of these NFC teams that they actually beat,” he said.

As far as London goes, it’s Brady’s second trip as a Patriot. He traveled there in 2009 when the Patriots beat the Buccaneers 35-7 at Wembley Stadium.

“It’ll be fun. It’ll be a great game. It’ll be a tough game. It’ll be memorable for a lot of reasons. I certainly remember our last trip. It’ll be nice experience for all the players. Hopefully we can go out there and play well.”

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