Belichick on arrival

LONDON – Some of the comments from Patriots coach Bill Belichick upon the team’s arrival here:

“Good to be here in London. We’re going to get reorganized and acclimated to the surroundings. Tomorrow will be kind of a normal Saturday for us and then Sunday we’ll be ready to go. Excited to be here. Looking forward to the game, facing the Rams.”

On the decision not to practice today: “We’ll get done what we feel like we can get done productively. We had three days of practice this week, so that’s the three days we normally have and then Saturday will be a normal Saturday for us. So today’s kind of a transition day for us.”


On beating the Rams in the Super Bowl: “It was a great moment for our team and our organization, but in all honesty we’ve kind of put that behind us now. We really need to focus on this week’s game and obviously everything’s different. We just have to focus on the present. We need to play better against these NFC West teams. We haven’t done well enough so far so hopefully we can have a different outcome next time. Our focus is in the present.”

“We’re just going to get our body clocks reacclimiated to where we’re at so.. Normally it’s the middle of the night for us but it’s not, it’s early in the morning so we’ll try to spend the day as the day and then sleep tonight and then hopefully tomorrow our body clocks will be back on our normally daily schedule. Get up in the morning, go through the day, sleep at night. Do that on Sunday. We’ll try to make the adjustments here today so that tomorrow can be a normal Saturday day for us.”

On whether they brought players who are questionable health-wise, instead of just leaving them home: “We’ll probably have some guys that are game time that we’re not 100 percent sure about, yes. We’ll have to see how that goes. We have a lot of guys that are working really hard getting a lot of extra treatment, coming in early, staying late, trying to do everything they can to be ready. How much they’ll be able to do, not sure that we know that 100 percent. Our last practice was Thursday so that’s still a half week before the game. A lot of times it just takes a couple days more than that. Sometimes it takes up until game time to really figure that out for sure. We’ll see where some of those guys are.”


The team will not go to Wembley Stadium before the game.

On whether he’s noticed an uptick in trade talks with the deadline moved back to Tuesday: “I haven’t, no. And this week has really been – it’s a normal week for us but a short week for us. We’ve moved our preparations up so we’ve really at it trying to get ready for this week. We haven’t talked about it. We’ve been on the Rams all week.

Would it be tough to add someone midway through the season? “It would depend on the situation. I mean, historically you don’t see a lot of them but if the situation was right? Sure.”

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