Gronkowski’s spike pays homage to Buckingham palace guard

LONDON — It was a spikeapalooza for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski across the pond this weekend.

It all started with the spiking of the mike at the NFL Experience on Saturday, and it was followed by two entertaining spikes after the Patriots’ tight end scored two touchdowns in the Pats 45-7 whopping of the St. Louis Rams at Wembley Stadium today.

After his first touchdown, Gronkowski paced a few steps each way like a British palace guard before a signature thunderspike.

“The little nutcracker dude that’s guarding the house … yeah, guarding the palace, I like how he just sits there and stays still,” Gronkowski said when describing spike No. 1. “It’s pretty cool. I give that one credit to Chandler [Jones], he told me to do it.”


After his second, touchdown, he held the ball above his head and danced a bit.

Gronk was not as candid about spike No. 2. When pressed to describe the wiggle-butter-churning move after his second touchdown, he said “I don’t know, you gotta ask Deion [Branch], he knows.

But neither of the two post-touchdown moves during today’s game were the ones he liked the most. “That microphone one was pretty good,” Gronkowski replied when asked to name his favorite spike of the weekend.

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