Brandon Lloyd will be just fine if the Patriots are stranded in London

LONDON — If he can’t make it home, Brandon Lloyd doesn’t mind staying put right where he is.

The Patriots wide receiver, who scored two touchdowns on Sunday, wouldn’t mind spending extra time in a place like London if Hurricane Sandy keeps the team across the pond for a while.

“I’ve been in [the NFL] so long it’s like all the plans I schedule [for bye weeks], and I had budgeted for, [them] being last-minute,” Lloyd said when talking about Hurricane Sandy possibly wreaking havoc on travel along the Eastern seaboard with the team’s bye week ahead of them.


If the team is indeed stranded in London for an extended period, it’s fine by Lloyd. “I was hoping we’d get stranded here all week,” he said.

Lloyd said he didn’t know the team’s travel plans, but expected to find out when the players return to the team hotel.

According to reports, the team changed its travel plans for an earlier flight in an attempt to get home ahead of the storm. The Patriots were to fly home at noon Monday (London time), but reports indicated it was moved up to 5 a.m. (1 a.m. Eastern).

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