Patriots 28, Rams 7: Halftime thoughts

LONDON — Some quick thoughts while the Patriots lead 28-7 at halftime and get the ball back to start the second half:

  • The Rams have no answer for the Patriots’ spread attack. Early the Patriots were exploiting the single high safety because the Rams refused to take a LB off the field. When the Patriots spread them out, that meant one safety had to go cover. The Rams would like to run two man — two deep safeties and man underneath — but the Patriots aren’t letting them.
  • Patriots are in complete control. What they don’t need is Josh McDaniels to give the Rams an opening with a big loss on one of his deception plays.
  • Rob Gronkowski had a big half, but it appeared his back got worse as the game went on and he’s stiffening up. He was really trying to stay loose. It’s getting colder by the minute here now that the sun went down. It wasn’t bad to start the game.
  • Good to see the Patriots finally trying to manufacture some pressure early. They’ve predictably backed off as the lead has grown, which is the right thing to do.
  • Amazing that Tavon Wilson was burned on the exact same play as the Seattle game, and he butchered it the same way.
  • The young Rams keep shooting themselves in the foot with penalties.
  • Brian Schottenheimer is going to have to be more aggressive with his calls. The Patriots will let him dink and dunk all day. Totally plays into their hands.
  • Tremendous job by offensive linemen Nate Solder and Sebastian Vollmer in the first half against Robert Quinn and Chris Long, who have been invisible. Brady’s quick release has helped as well.
  • The Rams have to hold Deion Branch, really?

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