Patriots conference calls

Patriots players had the day off today — and will take Halloween off, as well — as the team enjoys its league-mandated bye week with a light schedule. The Patriots will practice just once this week, on Thursday, before getting an extended weekend and then returning next week for the second half of the NFL season.

Tuesday, however, did include the weekly conference call with coach Bill Belichick, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

Among the highlights:

— All three coaches said they’ll take advantage of the bye week and look inward. “You want to get better every week, you always want to try to improve,” Belichick said. “This is a good opportunity for us to look at some things that we can do better going forward, but also looking back at maybe things that we could spend more time on to try to improve.”


— Belichick was asked what instructions or reminders he gives his players as they receive some rare in-season time off. “Use good judgment, be careful, come back with a fresh attitude, be ready to go,” Belichick said.

— Fresh off a 45-7 win against the Rams, McDaniels said the game plan worked well. “When you go into any week, you hope to put together a plan that gives your guys a chance to go out there and execute and play fast and hopefully be productive,” McDaniels said. “And then the players to go out and play the way they did, it always makes you feel good.”

— The only negative was the first-series touchdown (on a 50-yard pass) given up by the defense, which Patricia addressed. “I certainly don’t think you want to start any game, or any drive for that matter, giving up points. That’s our goal, to not allow them to score, and unfortunately we didn’t do a good job of that on the first series of the game. Our guys battled back, really tried to get things corrected.”

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