Patriots 24, Colts 17: Halftime thoughts

FOXBOROUGH – A few thoughts at halftime as both teams try to figure out how to play defense:

  • Both teams combined for 395 yards of total offense in the first half. That doesn’t include the 127 yards of returns the Patriots had on the Julian Edelman and Aqib Talib touchdowns.
  • It doesn’t show it on the stat sheet, but the Patriots played better on defense after a lousy start. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the defense was able to do some more things after coach Bill Belichick spent about 7 minutes on the whiteboard with the defense after the Colts went up 14-7. Indianapolis had only three points after that, though they kind of butchered the drive before halftime. Should have been in better field-goal range.
  • The defense did a much better job getting Andrew Luck off his spot to close the first half. That has been lacking this year.
  • Tremendous interception return for a touchdown by Talib. The play was made by Vince Wilfork getting pressure on Luck. Talib was in over-the-top coverage in either Cover 3 or 4. Ball was thrown right to him.
  • Talib actually did a very nice job in coverage on the two throws that were completed against him earlier, including the touchdown. Talib had tight coverage on both, the other guys just made a great play. Especially on the touchdown. That throw by Luck and catch by Ty Hilton was just awesome. Nothing really Talib could do. He was right there.
  • Talib was bailed out later by Devin McCourty when he missed a jam. McCourty cleaned it up over the top in what was a big play. Those types of plays have been few and far between so far this season.
  • The Colts have no answer for TE Rob Gronkowski. Keep feeding the big fella.
  • Would be surprised if we see DE Chandler Jones in the second half. His right ankle was heavily bandaged and he had a pretty good limp on the sidelines.

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