Patriots-Colts final review

My Patriots-Colts review will be available in the morning. Great marks for the offense, good marks for the defense, and a sterling performance from the special teams.

A look at the top- and bottom-performing Patriots against the Colts:

On top of their game

  1. Julian Edelman, WR/PR: Caught five passes for 58 yards and a touchdown, scored another on a 68-yard punt return, set up two more scores with a 49-yard return and 47-yard rush, forced a fumble on special teams, and threw the key block on the final touchdown. I’m tired typing that.
  2. Rob Gronkowski, TE: Was unstoppable in the pass game.
  3. Tom Brady, QB: With protection like that, against a secondary like that, it’s almost an unfair fight. Especially when Brady was sick about hearing about Andrew Luck.
  4. Rob Ninkovich, DE: In addition to his sack/fumble, he had two half knockdowns, factored into four of the team’s nine stuffed runs, and dropped into coverage well.
  5. Vince Wilfork, DT: Two hurries, half knockdown, one full stuff, two half stuffs, and two passes defensed.

Off their game

  1. Kyle Love, DT: There has to be concern about a possible injury because his pad level was way too high and allowed him to easily get shoved out of his gap. Highly unusual for him.
  2. Michael Hoomanawanui, TE/FB: He was better in this game — he actually had one good block — but it’s still not good enough.
  3. Ron Brace, DT: He and Brandon Lloyd should start a Worm Club they’re on the ground so much.
  4. Steve Gregory, S: Had a part in two 20-plus pass plays, lost a coverage, and missed two tackles. Looks miscast as a strong safety because he’s not exactly seeking out contact. May have a shoulder injury.
  5. Dont’a Hightower, LB: This spot should probably go to Aqib Talib, but since he hadn’t played in six weeks and didn’t know what he was doing, we’ll give him a pass for now. Hightower had a knockdown and pass breakup, but he’s really slow on his run and pass reads. He should be a little further along by now, and more assertive. The team needs him to be.

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