Belichick talks Dolphins

Before heading out to a chilly practice, Patriots coach Bill Belichick met with media to talk about Sunday’s game against the Dolphins:

On receiver Davone Bess:
He’s quick, he’s got good speed, good hands, he’s a smart route-runner, has explosive one-step quickness, he’s strong. He’s tough after the catch. He’s obviously smart (because) he does a lot of different things, crossing routes, options routes, things like that.

On the slot receiver position and how it differs from boundary receiver:
It’s a different world out there. There’s a lot more people involved: linebackers, safeties…and it’s really important that the receiver and the quarterback see things exactly the same, when to slow down, when to speed up. It takes some work and the visual communication between those two players is more difficult; there are more variables inside, especially when you get to option routes. I think it takes a lot to play that position.


On Miami RB Reggie Bush and the challenge he presents:
“He’s a dynamic player; you have to know where he is on every play. He can get the ball in a lot of different ways. He has good strength for his size, he’s not a fullback, but he runs with good power for his size. He can run through tackles, he can run around them, sort of like (Buffalo’s C.J.) Spiller. You’ve got to know where he is, there’s no question.

On whether he’ll talk with the team about wrapping up the AFC East title this week:
It is what it is. We all know that the fewer games there are, the more important they become. Each one gets bigger – 16 games is 16 games, but now there’s five games left. I’m sure they’ll get bigger each week as we go. We know it’s a big game. Miami knows it’s a big game.

On Miami center Mike Pouncey:
He’s good. Very good. Strong – he’s a 300-pound guy but he plays stronger than that; he has good playing strength, good hand strength, good punch, he’s athletic….He’s a good finisher, his shotgun snaps have improved. He’s one of the best centers in the league – him, (the Jets’ Nick) Mangold, they’re probably the best we’ll face. (Buffalo’s Eric) Wood is another good center in this division.

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