Patriots 21, Texans 0: Halftime thoughts

FOXBOROUGH – Some thoughts at halftime:

  • I would believe the Texans have the ability to come back if they showed any sense of urgency. Despite the score, they keep running into bad plays, Matt Schaub is afraid to throw deep after his interception, and he’s missing some wide-open receivers.
  • Vince Wilfork is just a beast. He’s been unblockable. Again.
  • Patriots put CB Aqib Talib on Texans WR Andre Johnson just about the entire first half. That’s the first time we’ve seen the Patriots utilize Talib like that. I think that plays to Talib’s strengths. He has been struggling keeping his focus in some off coverages and zone leading up to this game, but having Talib with one responsibility has kept him locked in. He’s done a nice job, but it’s amazing the Texans haven’t tried to exploit that matchup even though Johnson has four catches for 58 yards. The Patriots were usually giving safety help.
  • The apparent left hip injury Talib had raised some eyebrows because he tore a tendon from the bone in 2010 with the Bucs and missed the rest of the season. But that was the other, right, hip.
  • Tom Brady has had complete control of this game, going 13 of 19 for 165 yards and three touchdowns.
  • The offensive line has done a great job against J.J. Watt. A lot of double teams, but just real good work. Having Logan Mankins back has returned a nasty attitude to the Patriots.
  • Big comeback game for Brandon Lloyd, but we kind of expected that. Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez just can’t be covered one-on-one.
  • The Patriots have really been taking aim at Texans LB Darryl Sharpton in the run and the pass game.

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