Jerod Mayo, in the middle of 12 acts of kindness, pulls for another Brady MVP

Jerod Mayo with Jared the Subway guy in Boston.

Jerod Mayo was racing around Boston Tuesday doing 12 random acts of kindness for Subway less than 12 hours after the Patriots demolished the Texans, 42-14, at Gillette Stadium.

He pumped gas for strangers, paid the toll for people at the Mass. Turnpike, and made sandwiches with Subway front man Jared “the Subway Guy” Fogle at the franchise’s Summer Street location.

Still elated with Monday night’s mastery of the Texans, Mayo couldn’t think of another time the Patriots had such a commanding performance.

“Against a quality opponent like the Houston Texans, I really can’t put it into words,” Mayo said.


However, after some nudging, he gave his opinion on the MVP race.

“I gotta go with my own guy. I gotta go with Tom [Brady],” Mayo said. “He’s playing well for us. It’s just amazing when you’re on the sideline and he’s throwing the ball like that. When he’s in the zone, you can’t stop him.”

The Subway guy added his two cents on Monday night’s win as well.

“I was the biggest Patriots fan last night,” Fogle said. “I’m from Indianapolis. I am a Colts fan, I’ll be honest. We needed the Houston Texans to lose. We needed [the Patriots] to win. Although now I think they’ll be a little too angry because you guys killed them so bad.”

Other comments from Mayo during his stop at Subway:

Will it be hard to turn the page after such a huge win?
“It’s very easy. When you go against a team like the San Francisco 49ers. And we struggled against that division. When you go against a team that’s physical on both sides of the ball. Great running back in Frank Gore, another challenge for us this week, it’s very easy to change the page.”


On spending the day with his wife
To be honest with you, my wife, she enjoys doing things like this. She enjoys coming out, doing these random acts of kindness today with Subway. Or getting to Boston Medical, it’s something our family really enjoys doing.”

On how he’s been received across the city Tuesday
“It’s always easier doing these things after a win. Especially on a Monday night game. It’s been good. We just left the fire department. Those guys were amped up. Anything to get those guys going I’m happy about.”

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