Stevan Ridley: ‘I have to do better holding onto the football’

FOXBOROUGH – There were plenty of mistakes made by the Patriots in Sunday night’s 41-34 loss to the 49ers. And running back Stevan Ridley knows they can’t keep making them if they want to go deep into the postseason.

“We played a good football team and you can’t beat a good football team playing like we did today, all the way around starting with myself,” Ridley said. “You can’t have balls on the ground. You can’t have turnovers. You can’t give them opportunities to go down there and capitalize and that is exactly what they did. We just can’t hang our heads. We just have to get back to work.”


Ridley had just 23 yards rushing on nine carries on the night. He lost a crucial third-quarter fumble and was on the field for just one snap the rest of the way. He has three fumbles in the last two games.

“No one is harder on myself than me,” Ridley said. “Nobody is more upset when I fumble than Stevan is. For me I just have to keep working. There is lot of football left to be played. You can’t look back and that’s something we haven’t done all year, wins or losses. We have moved forward. So for me that is just what I have to continue to do. But I have to do better. I have to do better in game situations holding onto the football. We can’t have mistakes like that.”

Overall, Ridley was impressed by a 49ers team that took it to the Patriots from the opening kickoff.

“They are a solid team,” Ridley said. “The 49ers are a great football team. We gave them too many opportunities. We couldn’t come in here and play them that way. We gave them opportunities to capitalize on and that’s exactly what they did. So for us as a team we just have to keep working. We’re going to be alright. There is a lot of football left to be played. We’re just going to keep grinding it out.”

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