Final: Patriots 23, Jaguars 16

Patrick Chung picked off two passes, including one as time was expiring in the end zone, to preserve a 23-16 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tom Brady was 24 of 41 on the day with 267 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. His two interceptions both came in the first quarter, allowing the Jaguars to build a 13-3 lead before the Patriots scored 20 unanswered points.

Wes Welker caught 10 passes for 88 yards and a touchdown and Stevan Ridley had 18 carries for 84 yards. Danny Woodhead had two catches for 38 yards and a touchdown.

Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne threw for 348 yards on 29 of 51 passing, including a touchdown. But an injured Patriots secondary picked him off three times, including twice by Chung, who was filling in because Aqib Talib was limited and Alfonzo Dennard was out. Marquice Cole, playing as a nickel defensive back, also picked off Henne.


Henne led the Jaguars down to the Patriots’ 12-yard line with eight seconds left in the game, with a chance to tie. But with pressure in his face, he tossed up a pass in a free for all that Chung came down with.

The play made up for a 15-yard unnecessary penalty on Chung, who delivered a vicious hit on Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts’s head that took him out of the game with less than a minute left.

1:09 4th quarter: Patriots 23, Jaguars 16 — Tom Brady was sacked on third down by the Jaguars’ Tyson Alualu, forcing a Patriots punt with a little more than a minute remaining in the game.

Jacksonville has no timeouts remaining.

3:14 4th quarter: Patriots 23, Jaguars 16 — On fourth down at the Patriots’ 10-yard line, Chandler Jones hit Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne as he was throwing the ball, affecting his throw enough for Patrick Chung to intercept and return the pass for 27 yards.

The interception killed an 11-play drive by the Jaguars to help the Patriots seal the game.

7:48 4th quarter: Patriots 23, Jaguars 16 — The Patriots went three-and-out, giving the Jaguars an opportunity to tie the game.

A first down pass to Brandon Lloyd looked like a catch, but was bobbled when Lloyd went to the ground and ruled incomplete. On 3d-and-6, Tom Brady couldn’t hit Aaron Hernandez as he was making his way toward the sideline.


8:42 4th quarter: Patriots 23, Jaguars 16 — The Jaguars cut the Patriots’ lead down to a touchdown with a 42-yard field goal by Josh Scobee, his third field goal of the game.

The Patriots can seal the game with a lengthy touchdown drive to follow.

14:15 4th quarter: Patriots 23, Jaguars 13 — Wes Welker caught a magnificent 25-yard pass from Tom Brady over the middle of the field. Brady led him enough where he had to practically dive for it even though he was wide open. Brady came back to Welker for a 2-yard touchdown as the Patriots opened a 10-point lead on the Jaguars in the fourth quarter.

It was a 9-play, 59-yard drive where Welker touched the ball three times, including a 9-yard reverse.

3:42 3d quarter: Patriots 16, Jaguars 13 — Brandon Deaderick deflected a Chad Henne pass on third down as the Patriots forced the Jaguars punt after three plays.

5:04 3d quarter: Patriots 16, Jaguars 13 — Tom Brady was sacked twice in a row, the first of which was a 15-yard helmet-to-helmet penalty on Jeremy Mincey. But the 7-yard loss on the next play proved to be too much for the Patriots to salvage the drive. Brady couldn’t connect with Wes Welker on a 3d-and-10 after a toss to Brandon Lloyd to get back to the original line of scrimmage.

Russell Allen and C.J. Mosley were credited with the other sack on Brady.

6:45 3d quarter: Patriots 16, Jaguars 13 — Sitting back in zone coverage, Patriots cornerback Marquice Cole was able to step in front of a Jaguars receiver for a an interception.


8:51 3d quarter: Patriots 16, Jaguars 13 — The Jaguars just held the Patriots to their second three-and-out of the game. Tom Brady was pressured on third down and threw an incomplete pass to Deion Branch.

9:40 3d quarter: Patriots 16, Jaguars 13 — Trevor Scott and Rob Ninkovich got pressure on Chad Henne to force another Jacksonville punt in the third quarter and give the Patriots a chance to extend their lead.

Kyle Arrington was flagged for pass interference on the drive, giving the Jaguars five yards on a third down.

11:44 3d quarter: Patriots 16, Jaguars 13 — Stephen Gostkowski kicked his third field goal of the day, a 38-yard attempt, as the Patriots took the lead over the Jaguars.

Tom Brady completed three passes to Brandon Lloyd for 39 yards on the drive.

A tipped pass attempt to Danny Woodhead by the Jaguars’ Jeremy Mincey prevented a Patriots touchdown on third down.

End of the 2d quarter: Patriots 13, Jaguars 13 — The first half comes to a close with the game knotted after four field goals and a couple of touchdowns.

The Patriots’ two turnovers, both Tom Brady interceptions, turned into two Josh Scobee field goals for the Jaguars. Chad Henne threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon to start the game and Tom Brady tied it up with a 14-yard TD pass to Danny Woodhead.

Brady is 14 of 24 for 124 yards and a touchdown. He has a 58.0 quarterback rating right now. Henne is 15 of 24 for 210 yards and a touchdown. He has a 104.5 quarterback rating.

Wes Welker has six catches for 51 yards.

0:18 2d quarter: Patriots 13, Jaguars 13 — Tom Brady orchestrated a 10-play, 66-yard drive, culminating in a 14-yard touchdown pass to Danny Woodhead in the flat.

It was another quick drive, only 3:31. But most importantly, it tied the ball game up.

Brady threw four passes to Wes Welker on the drive to help move the chains.

The touchdown pass marked the 47th consecutive game Brady has thrown a touchdown pass, tying Johnny Unitas for 2d all-time in NFL history.

3:59 2d quarter: Jaguars 13, Patriots 6 — A first down holding call on the Jaguars’ Mercedes Lewis helped the Patriots hold the Jaguars to four plays before forcing a punt.

Cornerback Aqib Talib appears to be favoring his hip on every play. He was listed with a hip injury this week.

5:25 2d quarter: Jaguars 13, Patriots 6 — Stephen Gostkowski nailed a 49-yard field goal following an 11-play, 52-yard drive.

The Patriots’ drive was stalled by an illegal motion penalty by Aaron Hernandez on third down. On 3d and 13, Tom Brady was pressured and while attempting a pass to Danny Woodhead had the ball swiped at by Jacksonville’s Jeremy Mincey to cause the incompletion.

10:48 2d quarter: Jaguars 13, Patriots 3 — Chad Henne missed a wide open pass to Jordan Shipley as the Jaguars went three-and-out as well.

12:19 2d quarter: Jaguars 13, Patriots 3 — The Jaguars have held the Patriots to a three-and-out. Tom Brady was pressure twice on second and third downs, with Jason Babin getting to him both times.

13:11 2d quarter: Jaguars 13, Patriots 3 — Montell Owens caught a Chad Henne pass in the flat and raced away for a 53-yard gain as the Jaguars put themselves in position to score again. Josh Scobee finished the drive with a 35-yard field goal as the Jaguars capitalized on the Patriots’ second turnover of the game.

End of 1st quarter: Jaguars 10, Patriots 3 — The Jaguars had a franchise record for yards with 202. That should say it all about this game so far. But again, the turnovers are killing the Patriots.

0:16 1st quarter: Jaguars 10, Patriots 3 — Tom Brady was picked off for the second time of the game. Derek Cox jumped in front of a pass intended for Brandon Lloyd over the middle of the field. That’s three Tom Brady interceptions in the last two weeks.

1:15 1st quarter: Jaguars 10, Patriots 3 — Josh Scobee was wide right on a field goal attempt as the Patriots take over.

Chad Henne had thrown a 36-yard pass to Jordan Shipley to get the Jaguars into field goal range.

3:18 1st quarter: Jaguars 10, Patriots 3 — The Patriots revved it up on offense, going 73 yards in 2:28 before being held to a 25-yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal.

Stevan Ridley got four straight rushes for 41 yards and Tom Brady completed a 32-yard pass to Michael Hoomanawanui.

5:43 1st quarter: Jaguars 10, Patriots 0 — The Jaguars were able to capitalize on the Patriots’ turnover. Josh Scobee nailed a 41-yard field goal attempt after the Jaguars went 31 yards on seven plays.

Marquice Cole had a nice tackle for a loss on a slot corner blitz, forcing a 3d-and13 the Jaguars couldn’t convert.

8:49 1st quarter: Jaguars 7, Patriots 0 — Tom Brady was eyeing Stevan Ridley, who started the game after fumbling last week, on a wheel route but the pass was bobbled and then tipped into the hands of Jaguars safety Chris Prosinski. It was Brady’s first ever interception against Jacksonville.

9:34 1st quarter: Jaguars 7, Patriots 0 — Chad Henne went 6 of 6 on the opening drive of the game, finishing with a 3-yard touchdown pass to Justin Blackmon in the back of the end zone as the Jaguars cured their red zone woes with a first quarter touchdown.

Blackmon beat Devin McCourty, who started at cornerback, for the touchdown. Patrick Chung started at safety.

15:00 1st quarter: Patriots 0, Jaguars 0 — The Patriots won the coin toss and have elected to defer until the second half. The Jaguars will receive to begin the game.

Let’s go.

Pregame: We’re getting ready for the game to start. It’s 60 degrees in Jacksonville and should remain that way through 4 p.m. hour, according to

It looks like Trevor Scott will start at defensive end and Rob Ninkovich will move to outside linebacker to take Brandon Spikes’ (ankle, knee) place.

Kyle Arrington will be the starter at cornerback with Alfonzo Dennard (knee) out for today’s game.

Stay right here for all the updates, series by series. Enjoy the game.


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