Patriots 13, Jaguars 13: Halftime thoughts

JACKSONVILLE – A few thoughts as the Patriots and Jaguars are tied at the end of the first half:

  • Not a good half for the Patriots, and a terrible start for a team that was clearly going through the motions against a 2-12 team.
  • Jaguars took the kickoff and drove it right down the throat of the Patriots. Chad Henne didn’t have an incompletion, and the shortest gains for the Jaguars were two for 3 yards, and one was a touchdown.
  • A subpar first quarter for Tom Brady started when he underthrew a wide open Stevan Ridley down the left sideline. Ridley had a good five yards on the linebacker yet Brady brought the defender back into it with an underthrow.
  • The second interception thrown by Brady wasn’t a great throw or decision, but Brandon Lloyd needs to do a better job putting himself between the ball and the defender and not allow himself to be undercut.
  • There was way too much Lloyd, who is being annoyed by CB Derek Cox, in the first half. That will happen when Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker are visibly injured at this point.
  • Defensively, it looked like Dont’a Hightower was benched for Tracy White. It might have been for injury prevention, but Hightower was one of the guys who clearly didn’t show up for this game.
  • The Patriots were doing a better job pressuring Henne in the second quarter. Justin Francis is doing some nice work.
  • Marquice Cole (hand) and Aqib Talib (left hip) are playing injured in the secondary. With no Alfonso Dennard, and Talib clearly hurt, the Patriots moved Devin McCourty back to cornerback for this game. The result, with mostly Patrick Chung playing and Tavon Wilson getting a series, is a reinforcement that Chung is not good enough at this point to play.

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