Wade Phillips comments about Wes Welker cause stir

FOXBOROUGH — Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips might have put his big ol’ boot right in his mouth on Thursday, with comments about Patriots receiver Wes Welker sure to reach the diminutive, but frequently dominant, slot receiver.

Phillips was asked by ESPN.com if Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph, who covered Cincinnati’s A.J. Green in Houston’s wild-card win, would get the assignment on Welker.

“Ah, Welker’s not Green,” Phillips said. “He’s a good player, but he’s not that big or a real athletic guy. He’s a quick guy that gets open on option routes. [Brandon] Harris actually played him pretty good.”


In the first meeting between the teams, a 42-14 Patriots home win on Dec. 10, the Texans held Welker to three catches (matching his season low) for 52 yards. Tom Brady threw for four touchdowns, but none went to Welker.

Later Thursday, Phillips’s Twitter account (@sonofbum) posted the following message: “Wes Welker is a great athlete and one of the best receivers of all time. #twistthataround”

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