Gary Kubiak stands behind quarterback Matt Schaub

FOXBOROUGH — Texans coach Gary Kubiak has taken a lot of questions about his quarterback in recent weeks. In the four games since the Texans lost here in December, Matt Schaub threw just one touchdown pass and three interceptions as Houston went 1-3. The Texans are now out of the playoffs after their second straight loss at Gillette Stadium.

“We’re right there as a team,” Kubiak said after the game. “I think we’re going to go back and be disappointed in our opportunities to make some plays. When you miss them and they make them, in the long haul that’s the difference between winning and losing in this league.”


Schaub was better Sunday, throwing for 343 yards, two touchdowns, and one pick, but several mistakes cost his team a chance to finish drives. On the first series of the game the Texans set themselves up nicely with a 94-yard kickoff return but failed to cap it off with a touchdown, settling instead for a field goal. Kubiak lamented his team’s lost chances.

“It’s quarterback-driven,” said Kubiak. “I knew it was going to be that way. This team is very difficult to run the ball against. We had a lot of opportunities to make plays in the passing game, and we did make plays, but there was some more that we missed.”

When a reporter characterized Schaub as “uneven”, Kubiak said, “You’re right.” But Kubiak stood behind his QB later in the questioning, saying “This guy’s won a lot of football games. He’s one of the top quarterbacks in football. He’s had his team in great position for the last two years.”

He added, “I believe in our quarterback wholeheartedly. We’re going to continue to push him to a new level.”

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