To defer or not to defer: That’s the question for Pats’ honorary captains

FOXBOROUGH — Every Patriot fan has come to know the drill by now. New England wins opening coin toss and, without fail, defers until the second half.

However, with offensive-minded players such as former left tackle Matt Light and running back Kevin Faulk serving as the Patriots’ honorary captains in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens, there seemed to be some question as to whether they would be inclined to take the ball if the Patriots were to win the toss against the Ravens.

Light, famously known for being a prankster in the locker room during his time with the team, was asked Friday during the honorary captains’ press conferencce if he had been instructed by Patriots coach Bill Belichick to defer. Or did he plan to tweak his coach by taking the ball?


“I mean, we actually need to have that conversation with him,” Light deadpanned. “You know this is a big game and we need to take it serious. We’re looking forward to that talk, yeah.

“But we’ll coach him up and if you guys have any suggestions we’ll take ’em.”

Said Faulk, “I know exactly how it’s going to go; whatever we’ve been doing that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

So expect the Patriots to defer?

Belichick’s body language spoke volumes when he departed the podium after his press briefing Friday and was asked if he planned to instruct Light and Faulk to defer. The always-stoic and monotoned head coach simply responded by breaking into a sideways smirk.

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