Ray Lewis says ‘retirement’ billboard motivated him

In an on-field interview following Baltimore’s 28-13 win over the Patriots in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said he was motivated by a Massachusetts billboard counting down the hours to his “retirement party.” Lewis said before the playoffs that this postseason would be his last.

“I was hurt when I saw a sign that actually said my retirement would [start] tonight,” Lewis said. “Man can’t dictate that. God dictates that.”

Lewis, of course, has extended his career for two more weeks with the win and a trip to the Super Bowl. Clear Channel, the owners and operators of the billboard, put up a clever follow-up this morning, seen below on the @MassBillboards Twitter account:


Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith tweeted last week that, “Someone in New England wasted a lot of money on that Ray Lewis retirement billboard,” but Clear Channel looks to have done well for themselves here with plenty of free advertising.

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