Kraft on Welker: We’d like to have him around

Robert Kraft met with reporters after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s annual Super Bowl press conference and touched on a number of topics.

Of importance to many Patriots fans is Wes Welker and whether he and the team will be able to come to a contract agreement to keep the receiver in Foxborough a little longer.

“I’d love him to be around as well. He’s a great guy; like I said all along, it takes two sides to make a transaction, and then we have to manage the lawyers and the agents, that they don’t mess it up. I think Wes wants to be with us and we want him here. It’s just a matter of whether both sides can be intelligent,” Kraft said.


The Patriots’ owner was asked how long it took him to get over the team’s loss to Baltimore in the AFC Championship game, and Kraft touched his belly – “It’s hanging right here, in the pit of my stomach.”

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