49ers players on the Super Bowl XLVII loss

NEW ORLEANS — Here are some postgame quotes from some of the 49ers after they lost, 34-31, to the Ravens:

QB Colin Kaepernick

On the fourth-down play: “That wasn’t the original option. It’s something I audibled to at the line based on the look they gave us. It was cover-zero. I was just trying to give him a chance.”

On the original call: “We had a play called for coverage.”

On the interception: “I just led him too far.”

Did he want to run it? “Not necessarily run it. We were just trying to score any way that we could.”


On his own performance: “I feel like I made too many mistakes for us to win. We lost, so obviously it wasn’t enough.”

WR Michael Crabtree

On the fourth-down call: “It is what it is, man. It was the last play, and I’m not going to blame it on the refs. It is what it is; it came down to the last play and it didn’t happen.”

On if they practiced the fade: “Yeah. I mean, that was the play call at the moment. We were just trying to execute the play and make something happen at the end of the game, but we came up short.”

On if he was held: “Yeah. I mean, if somebody grabs me, you always expect the call, but you can’t whine to the referee. It is what it is. You have to just take it like a man, take the ill.”

On the play-calling on the final sequence: “I’m not going to talk about the play call, because like I said, it is what it is. I think we could’ve made some more plays. I think we could’ve did a better job in the red zone, on the 4-yard line. But coach calls the plays; I just try to execute to the best of my abilities.”


LB Patrick Willis

On if there was one part of the game that frustrated him: “You can say that we were on the 5-yard line and we should have scored, but at the same time too, we had every opportunity. Everybody had their hand on this game. We lost as a team and we win as a team. Just across the board today, we had some things that didn’t go well for us. We point the fingers at nobody. We all had a hand in this game and we win together and we lose together, and today we lost it.”

On if they played poor defense in the first half: “Obviously, they put points up on the board, so anytime they put points on the board then we are not playing too well. It’s one of those things where the defense was making plays. We had some one-on-ones and we are expected to win them. In the first quarter and the first half, we didn’t win. We were able to calm down and come back out in the second half, and they got a field goal, but we would have loved to have that for four quarters.”

On the game that CB Chris Culliver had: “No I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. I got to talk to him a little bit during the game. I know that he feels bad. Cully is competitive and he wants to win on every play. Today he had a tough one and I stand behind him and I know what kind of player he is. It is only going to fuel him to make it better.”


CB Carlos Rogers

On the power outage: “That was a good thing because the momentum changed and we started to make our run. We kept coming back and getting on the field. Offense was making plays and making field goals, but we had a chance and we didn’t close out and it came down to that basically. They battled and we put ourselves in a hole. We fought back and offense drove down and didn’t put in in, but it’s not on them it’s on us. They put up too many points on our defense and we didn’t get them off the field when we needed to.”

On the officiating: “It wasn’t what I expected. You know, some calls seemed like they weren’t calls that they should have made, but they were right on the calls they didn’t make. There’s no excuse you know. It happens. They’ve got their eyes on what they see and we feel differently and can’t take it back now.”

LB Ahmad Brooks

On the loss: “Give credit to the Ravens. They came out and had a lot of energy. They won the game, but I think at the end of the game, we beat ourselves. We made a lot of mental errors, and we just fell short. Hats off to the Baltimore Ravens.”

LB NaVorro Bowman

On the loss: “I’m frustrated. I think about anything I could’ve done to change the outcome. I’m just the type of person, I always look at myself and see which way I could’ve played better. I’m frustrated just because I know how hard this team has worked from day one – the coaches, the players, the equipment staff, trainers, everyone. We all had some part in us getting this far and for us to come up short. It leaves a bitter taste in our mouth.”

On if he was surprised with the Ravens’ fast start: “No, I wasn’t really shocked or anything. They did great just coming out playing. I’m just pissed off.”

LT Joe Staley

On not scoring from the 7-yard line: “Very frustrating. We were very relaxed, very confident that we were going to get it in. It’s just the way football goes sometimes. We didn’t get it. Five yards short, all the work we did in the offseason, the whole entire season, everything came down to five yards and we weren’t able to get it done. [We] tip our hats to the Ravens. Congratulations to them. We’re obviously very disappointed.”

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