Patriots getting more active

A few things are boiling on the Patriots’ front:

  • Bills free-agent receiver Donald Jones is visiting the Patriots today, according to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

I like Jones (6-0, 208 pounds) a lot. Think he’s a bit underrated. Not sure why the Bills didn’t bring him back. He’s a very well-rounded receiver. Does a little bit of everything well, including run blocking.

  • Seahawks kick returner/running back Leon Washington is visiting the Patriots today, according to Adam Schefter.

Obviously a superb kick returner. I don’t think the Patriots need Washington – they have Jeff Demps in this role – but it gives them another option should Demps go nuts with this track thing, or get injured again. The Patriots showed interest in Josh Cribbs, but he’s likely going to the Cardinals, though that’s not a done deal yet.

  • Patriots are still trying to land Aqib Talib as their No. 1 cornerback, but obviously Talib’s camp isn’t happy with the contract offer or he’d be signed by now. Patriots are playing the market. They have started to get in the mix with more cornerbacks since Talib is dragging his feet, so look for some visits to come to fruition. They still need to sign one or two more beyond Talib.

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