Kraft: ‘I love the tuck rule’

There was a light moment toward the end of Robert Kraft’s meeting with the media on Monday when he was asked about the NFL Competition Committee proposal that the tuck rule be eliminated.

Of course, the use of the tuck rule to overturn what looked like a lost fumble by Tom Brady in the Patriots’ 2001 AFC Divisional round game against the Raiders gave New England the chance to keep the game going, win in overtime, and ultimately go on to claim the franchise’s first Super Bowl title.

So when it comes to eliminating the rule, well…


“I never, to be honest, prior to the Snow Game, I never knew what the tuck rule was,” Kraft said. “But I love the tuck rule, and forever will, and I know (longtime Raiders owner) Al Davis, may he rest in peace, is probably smiling.”

Asked how he’ll vote on Tuesday, Kraft laughed and said, “I might have to abstain on that. That’s a hard one. I have a great bond with the tuck rule.”

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