Tommy Kelly contract details

Here are the particulars on the contract signed by defensive tackle Tommy Kelly with the Patriots:

Signing bonus: $1 million

2013 base salary: $950,000
2013 roster bonus: $500,000
2013 workout bonus: $50,000

2013 cap number: $2 million

2014 base salary: $1,950,000
2014 roster bonus: $500,000
2014 workout bonus: $50,000

2014 cap number: $3 million

Analysis: This deal is about on par with what Kelly is at this point: a solid rotational/role player for 2013. As for 2014, the Patriots can decide on that after they see his production this coming season. But unless Kelly totally falls on his face, he’s going to be on the team for ’13 and a contributor. Nothing else is promised.


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