Aaron Hernandez had minor shoulder surgery

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had shoulder surgery about two weeks ago but will be ready for the start of training camp in July, a league source said.

The surgery, which a source said was a minor scope, will keep Hernandez out of off-season practices. He could be ready for the June mini-camp, but that’s a ways off. Hernandez will stay in Calif. to rehab.

If this was the season, Hernandez would be ready on a much quicker time schedule. Since it’s the offseason, there’s absolutely no rush to get him back on the field. Hernandez is well versed in the offense and with quarterback Tom Brady so there’s no fear that Hernandez will missing anything.


Hernandez was asked last week how he was feeling and if he had any post-season procedures.

“I feel pretty good at this point, just trying to get back and get healthy and get ready for next season,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez’s surgery was first reported by NFL Network.

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