Tedy Bruschi recounts hearing the explosions

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi was at the Lenox Hotel on Exeter and Boylston Streets as the two explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday.

He gave his account of the events as they unfolded on SportsCenter.

“I happened to have my head out of the window at the time because one of our runners had crossed and I was continuing to watch runners crossed the finish line,” said Bruschi. “When I did, looking out to my right seeing the first explosion, from my vantage point on the left side of the street. Looking at it, I was thinking to myself, ‘Did that just happen and is that what I think it is?’ And right when I was thinking that people started running toward me, and I realized what it was when I felt the second explosion to the rear of where I was looking out and sort of felt the whoosh from behind my head. I was in the middle of both explosions and looked to the left and saw the same thing happen there.”

See more of Bruschi’s comments on ESPN Boston.


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