Day 3 of the NFL draft: What’s left for the Patriots?

FOXBOROUGH – With four more picks to make, the Patriots will have a busy Saturday as the NFL draft concludes with rounds four through seven.

The Patriots own the 102nd (fourth round), 226nd (seventh round), 229th (seventh round) and 235th (seventh round) picks.

The draft will start at noon and teams will have only five minutes to make a selection. We’ll be providing live coverage of the whole event again.

So far, we haven’t seen one of Bill Belichick’s annual trades with Andy Reid, now head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Patriots have yet to pick up a Florida Gator, another almost-annual draft day selection.


But more importantly, we haven’t seen the Patriots address the loss of key backup interior lineman Donald Thomas. After filling every other conceivable need, it’s likely the team will look to address depth issues, both on the the offensive and defensive lines. And the team still has a move to make at quarterback with an option to trade Ryan Mallett.

Who, though, is available at guard or center? Arkansas’s Alvin Bailey and Alabama’s Barrett Jones just to name a few.

I’m sure there will be some surprising selections, as there were on Day 2. But there are still some huge names that need to come off of the board, including USC quarterback Matt Barkley, Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib, Alabama defensive tackle Jesse Williams and Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene. (Gotta throw in the Rutgers guy.)

Day 3 will be just as interesting. Follow along.


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