Quotes from Patriots pick Aaron Dobson


New Patriots wide receiver Aaron Dobson, who was selected No. 59 overall in the second round of the NFL draft, spoke to the media via conference call. These are part of his comments.

Thoughts on being part of the Patriots.

It’s an exciting time. Just to have the opportunity to play in the NFL and to play for a great team like the Patriots. It’s just a blessing from the man above. I’m just excited to hit the ground running.

Any preconceived notions on the Patriots.

I just know that they’re a great team. I know the head coach and stuff like that. I don’t know too much of how they operate so I’m just ready to see.


On predraft connection with the Patriots.

Yeah I talked to them, I went up there for a visit. And they showed some interest. They were one of the teams that showed some interest.

On knowing Troy Brown or Randy Moss, both from Marhsall.

I’ve met them, I wouldn’t say I have any type of relationship where I can call them or anything like that. But I’ve definitely met them. They’ve been around. Definitely Troy has been around the facility a lot.

On being similar to Moss a little bit.

Moss is a great player. He definitely did his thing in the NFL. He came in and went straight to work. I’m just trying to come in and make my own name.
Just do what I have to do to make my team win.

About the amazing one-handed catch against ECU.

Ha … I seen the ball in the air and I just went to go get it and that’s how it turned out.

On dealing with the mental pressures of a complicated NFL offense.

I think I’m ready. It’s definitely something that I’ve been getting prepared for just going through this whole process. People have just been telling me about the pressure and stuff of just going into the league. So I’m just trying to go in level-headed and go in and just focus and just ready to start my new life with the Patriots and my new life in the NFL.


On having no drops in his senior year.

I definitely take pride in that. Me being a receiver, that’s what we do. That’s how we make our money so I definitely take pride in that.

On his stats.

I feel like I had a great career at Marshall.

On working with Tom Brady.

That right there, you can’t beat that. The best quarterback in the league. It’s amazing because I’ve been watching him for so long, now that I get a chance to go play with him, it’s a blessing.

Is that intimidating?

No, not intimidating at all. I’m excited just to get to know him and start catching balls and try to help the situation out.

Did you do post-snap adjustments at Marshall?

I’m definitely familiar with that.

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