Alfonzo Dennard faces probation hearing

Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard will be in court July 31 for a hearing to determine whether his latest arrest is grounds for revoking his probation, according to

Dennard is on two years probation from his conviction in February on an assault charge, and must serve 30 days in jail next March. He was arrested early Thursday morning in Lincoln, Neb., and cited for DUI, refusal of a chemical test, and straddling lane lines, and released with an Aug. 12 court date.

Dennard must appear at the July 31 hearing, which comes less than a week after the Patriots begin training camp July 26.


Meanwhile, a source with knowledge of Dennard’s version of his recent arrest says Dennard did not fail field sobriety tests, according to an report.

The report also says Dennard attempted to perform a Breathalyzer test “at least twice,” and that he was not asked to take a blood test. The breath tests didn’t register, according to Lincoln, Neb., police, who also told that officers had probable cause to believe Dennard was driving under the influence of alcohol early Thursday morning.

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