Belichick: ‘We’re a better team today than we were yesterday’

PHILADELPHIA – With thunderstorms in the forecast for the Philadelphia area Wednesday afternoon, Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly decided to move their second joint practice up a couple of hours to make sure they would be able to get in the full schedule.

Belichick seemed very pleased with what he saw from his team on Tuesday.

“I thought yesterday was a real good day for us, we got a lot out of it, got pretty much everything we expected: a lot of situational work, a lot of good one-on-one work, our team saw some things we hadn’t seen before we had to adjust to, which was good, (and) we had a good opportunity to go through the film and make some corrections,” Belichick said. “We’ll see what we’re able to do today; we’ve got some new situations, we’ll certainly repeat some of the things that came up yesterday, so we’ll see how we do with them the second time around.”


He would not specify if there was anything in particular that he was impressed with.

“I just thought that the overall practice was good. I thought our players worked hard, we worked together, we had good competitive practices, we both got a lot out of it, we’re a better team today than we were yesterday,” Belichick said.

He was asked about rookie receiver Aaron Dobson, who was pulled from practice after getting into a scrap with Eagles’ defensive back Cary Williams, and whether he wanted to see how Dobson would bounce back from the situation.

But Belichick would not elaborate on the situation.

“Yeah, again, I think this is a great opportunity for every one of us – every player, every coach, to come out here and compete against a good football team we’re not very familiar with,” he said.

Kelly has been blaring music almost constantly during practice sessions going back to the spring, but on Tuesday it was silent on the fields at the NovaCare Complex except for the sound of coaches yelling and pads thumping. Somewhat curiously, it became a topic of discussion – why was there no music? On Tuesday, some local media members theorized that Belichick nixed the music, but he said it was a mutual decision.


“Yeah, we’ve done plenty of that and I know they have too; we just felt it would be better for practice to be able to communicate everything, make sure everybody understood the situations that we’re going through and all that,” he said. “We’ve done it, they’ve done it; I don’t think it’s a big deal one way or the other.”

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