Bucs coach Schiano will be familiar with a few Patriots

FOXBOROUGH – The Patriots have concluded their first day of practice of the week. On Tuesday, they will hold the first of their joint sessions with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The teams will play each other Friday at Gillette Stadium.

Greg Schiano is Tampa’s second-year head coach. Schiano landed in Tampa via Rutgers, where he coached several of the Patriots, including cornerback Logan Ryan.

“It will be great to see him and a lot of the guys,” Ryan said. “He helped take me as a boy when I was 18 and helped me become the player I am today.”


The Patriots will look for a repeat of last week’s practices in Philadelphia. They believe they progressed with their game and practices against the Eagles.

“It’s good to have some competition out there other than the same guys you’re going against every day,” said lineman Rob Ninkovich. “Going out to Philly and going against some different guys, it’s fun. This week it will be fun as well.”

The Patriots will not disclose much of their playbook against the Buccaneers. New England hosts Tampa in the regular season Sept. 22 at Gillette Stadium. Coach Bill Belichick has spoken with Schiano regarding the logistics of the sessions.

“I think there are a couple things we feel like we’d just as soon not work on,” Belichick said. “But there are plenty of other things we need to work on, so we’ll do that.”

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