Belichick: Tim Tebow is improving

FOXBOROUGH – On Friday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, third string quarterback Tim Tebow played the entire second half for the Patriots. His performance wasn’t all good and it wasn’t all bad either, said Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Tebow was 1-for-7 passing for minus-1 yard and an interception. He also had 30 yards rushing, second best on the team, as the Patriots beat the Bucs 25-21.

After the game, Tebow said he would continue to fight to get better. On Monday, he got a vote of confidence from Belichick, who said he sees positive steps for the former New York Jet.


“Oh yeah, definitely,” Belichick said. “You gotta think if you look at the entire week last week then it would look different than the game did. In some cases the game looked better for some reason, in some cases the game may not look as good as some things during the week. We’ll just try to take all that into consideration.”

Belichick also added, “In the end it’s about production and about doing enough things to be successful.”

The team is moving on to preparing to play the Lions. The Patriots will travel to Detroit on Wednesday for Thursday’s game. During the week, the Patriots will continue with the installation of the team’s offense and gear practices more toward game planning going forward, Belichick said.

The Patriots released three players – LB A.J. Edds, OL R.J. Mattes, and DL Scott Vallone – but the team is not itching to fill those roster spots so close to the first cut-down date, Aug. 27, when teams will have to pare their rosters to 75 players. There are 84 players on the Patriots roster with Monday’s moves.

“I mean we don’t have like six guys flying in here tonight to be out there tomorrow,” Belichick said. “But if something comes up that we feel like there’s a player we want to take a look at, or feel like can help us, then we can just put them on the roster without having to do anything. If not, then we’re prepared to go with what we have. A week from now we’ll be at 75.


“If we bring somebody in, in the next day or two, they’ll only be here for a couple of days. I’m not saying it isn’t worth it, I’m just saying that’s what it would be. We’ll do what we think is best. Could fill it, not necessarily.”

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