Brady, Belichick using Lions loss as a learning moment for team


During his weekly interview on WEEI Monday morning, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke about the Patriots’ efforts in their loss to the Lions on Thursday and what they took away from the team’s 40-9 defeat in Detroit.

Brady, speaking on the “Dennis & Callahan Morning Show,” emphasized how head coach Bill Belichick used the loss as a learning moment that the team can take away to prove they need to go into every game expecting a battle, no matter who the opponent.

“He does a good job with that, whomever we play,” Brady said. “Even when we played Philly, when we played Tampa, there were things we did very well, and there’s things that we didn’t do very well, and there’s things against Detroit I would say mostly we didn’t do well. And those are the things [Coach Belichick] constantly tries to coach off of.”


Brady used the loss as a moment he could use to teach his younger teammates about falling behind in games and how to stay focused and work back into the game one possession at a time.

“There’s games where we are going to be down, you know, 21-3 at some point, and how do you respond?” he said. “Last year we were down to the 49ers 31-3 and we came back to tie it 31-31 in the second half. We didn’t end up winning the game, but nothing is insurmountable, so you have to have the mental toughness to put whatever plays may have happened, the bad ones, put them behind you and vice versa: if you’re up 31-3 you can never let your foot off the accelerating, because the other team, it just takes one or two plays for them to feel like they can win the game again.”

“Every game we play has lessons to be learned, and wins, losses, practices, practices against other teams … you learn from every experience over the course of a season … hopefully you’re arching at a point in December where were playing our best, but that’s so far from now, there’s so much improvement that must be made now in the meantime that that’s where we need to focus our energy on.”


Brady said he did not think the Lions were going to be an easy win.

“They’re a very hard-nosed team,” he said. “They play a very particular style. We played them on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago in the regular season and it was a battle for about three quarters, and then we pulled away at the end. They’ve made the playoffs once in 14 years. They’re always hungry every year to prove that they’re one of the good teams. … Hopefully what happened in Detroit doesn’t happen to us again. But that’s up to us to determine.”

Heading into the final week of preseason games, Brady didn’t reveal whether he was going to be playing in the Patriots’ final preseason contest on Thursday at home against the New York Giants.

“I’m not sure [whether I will play],” he said. “[Coach Belichick] tells us always to be ready. I’m going in there, we have practice today, tomorrow, Wednesday, I’m preparing to play like I always play. He’s never one to say, ‘Look, you guys are going to have this week off.’ He just says, ‘Be ready to play for 60 minutes, and I’ll make the decision.’ So, that’s what we as players do.”

The Patriots must trim the roster down to 75 players by 4 p.m. on Tuesday and must cut down to a 53-man roster by 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Listen to the full WEEI interview here.

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