Kraft rooting for Tebow, but knows best 53 make roster

FOXBOROUGH – Though he projects to be the Patriots’ third-string quarterback if he remains on the roster, there continues to be a great deal of discussion about Tim Tebow.

Tebow has a fan in Robert Kraft, but the owner deferred to Bill Belichick on the decision of whether or not Tebow sticks.

“I know week to week you’re going to be asking the questions if we don’t perform up to standard why we didn’t,” Kraft said before Tuesday night’s Patriots Premiere charity event. “I think you want to make sure you have the 53 best people to help us win games during this year. I’m rooting for him and I’m in his corner, but I have the privilege of letting Bill make those decisions.


“He’s got a pretty good record.”

Kraft reiterated his belief that Tebow is “a very special young man” and “he’s been a real joy to have around here.” However, he also made sure to mention his team’s other quarterbacks.

“We’re also privileged to have Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett, so…I like our position. If you look around the league and see what’s happening, and with two of the teams in our division [Buffalo and the Jets], I just give thanks for the position we’re in.”

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