Gostkowski: ‘It wasn’t the smoothest operation’


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – Stephen Gostkowski kicked the game-winning field goal Sunday, a 35-yard attempt with only seconds remaining to lift the Patriots over the resilient Buffalo Bills, 23-21.

Gostkowski was 3 of 3 on field goal attempts Sunday, nailing a wobbly 48-yard attempt in the first quarter and another 33-yard attempt in the fourth. The game-winner, despite looking the prettiest of the bunch, still required some quick adjustments.

“It wasn’t the smoothest operation,” Gostkowski admitted. “I had to make an adjustment. Ball came out a little low. I was lucky it didn’t get blocked. But any time there is a little glitch in whatever the operation is, it’s my job to adjust.


“Those guys do such a great job. They bail me out sometimes and I bail them out sometimes. And it just worked out for everyone. It’s never perfect, that why we practice all the time.”

Gostkowski 48-yard field goal also didn’t come easy, with the eighth-year kicker having to use more steel toe than usual.

“Maybe it wasn’t our smoothest operation, but it doesn’t really matter what it looks as long as the results good,” he said. “I’m sure we’ll go back and look at it and tighten it up. We’re – me, Danny [Aiken] and Ryan [Allen] – we’re perfectionists. I’m sure there are other snaps and holds that he probably felt could’ve been better. And I’m sure a couple of my kicks could’ve been better. Nothing is ever perfect, you just kind of work to do the best you can every time.”

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