Patriots work through short week

FOXBOROUGH — Walk-through practices and extra massages seems to be the plan this week as the Patriots get ready for their home opener Thursday night against the Jets.

Because of the short turnaround, extra time might be needed to allow players to physically recover from Sunday’s win at Buffalo. On a typical week, players spend Monday going over the previous game film, and have Tuesday off. That schedule won’t work this week, with the Jets coming in for a nationally-televised game.

So the Patriots have had no-pads, non-contact walk-through sessions on Monday and Tuesday, and will likely do the same on Wednesday. Not ideal, but having players physically ready to play Thursday night is the goal.


“Guys got to get those extra massages in, hot tub, cold tub, training room, get your body prepared,” said cornerback Kyle Arrington. “It’s a good challenge.”

It’s a situation that veteran Patriots have encountered before, so they know what steps to take. But it’s not easy.

“You have to get your body back to as much of 100 percent as you can get it,” defensive end Rob Ninkovich said. “These NFL games, they take a lot out of you, so you have to do your best to recover to play on a Thursday night. You have to study hard, because you don’t have that extra few days off.”

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