Getting to know … Chandler Jones


FOXBOROUGH – You might be hard-pressed to find a Patriots player who looked like he was having more fun on the field last season than Chandler Jones. Then a rookie, he broke out a different dance for each sack he recorded, including Pee-Wee Herman’s “Tequila” dance in Seattle and “The Dougie” in London against the Rams.

The 23-year old is famously the youngest of three brothers, all of whom are successful athletes – Arthur is a defensive lineman for the Ravens, and Jon “Bones” is a UFC champion. Chandler is the self-proclaimed goofball of the three, though he says there is no one quite like Jon.


First job: Actually, I had two jobs. One of them I was a chaperone at the Boys & Girls Club by my house, and I also worked at McDonald’s. I used to work on the grill. I was making $7.25 an hour; I think that was minimum wage then. I’ll never forget. And I was kind of upset because I didn’t get a raise and I was there for a year and a half, and I thought after a year you were supposed to get a raise. That’s how it was going. Everyone got a raise except for me. I was just working, slaving over the grill every day (laughs).

First car: My first car was an old box Cadillac, I don’t know what year, but it was old. It was a DeVille. It was light blue; it would turn off on me all the time. My friends would always say, ‘this is a death trap,’ because we would go out and we never knew if it was going to start or not. I was just hoping if I had a girl or someone with me, I was just hoping it would start. There was all kinds of tricks and gadgets [to getting and keeping it going]. I bought it with McDonald’s money. I bought it for $1,000 I think. It was cheap. It was a piece of crap. But all my checks I saved up, and I got it. It was my pride and joy. It was my first car.


Favorite TV show: The Jamie Foxx Show – it’s hilarious. Tosh.0 – ridiculousness. Ridiculousness.

Favorite meal: Lasagna. But it has to be cooked by the right person – my mom’s lasagna, she put everything in it: olives, pepperoni, it’s really good.

Prized possession: My family, to be honest with you. My family is all that I have. If they were to ever need anything from me or for me to do anything, I feel like I would do it 110 percent. That’s my pride and joy, my family. Mom, dad, both my brothers, nieces and nephews.

Place I want to visit: Bora Bora. I want to go with a lady friend, but every time I set the trip up, we end up breaking up. I swear to you. I’ve been trying to go to Bora Bora since before I came to New England. I was going to go this offseason, but we broke up.

If they made a movie about your life… It would be a…I don’t know. It would definitely be a serious move. It would be a top-selling movie, I know that much (smiles). If I got into detail and told every part about my life in that movie, it would be a top seller. Who would play me? It would have to be the guy from ‘Remember the Titans,’ Julius. Everyone says I look like him. Hopefully he could play me; I don’t think he’s goofy like I am. It would have to be him.


[Who would play your brothers?] Arthur would be Morris Chestnut; Morris Chestnut would have to put some weight on. And Jon – Jon would just have to be Jon, because you can’t compare Jon to anyone. That boy is so left-field. Jon would have to play himself.

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