Getting to know…Tommy Kelly

FOXBOROUGH – When the Patriots signed veteran defensive tackle Tommy Kelly to a two-year contract in April, the hope was that he’d be a strong presence next to Vince Wilfork on the interior of the defensive line and help provide pressure through the middle.

Now with Wilfork injured, Kelly is the most experienced tackle, and will likely see a rise in his number of snaps.

The Mississippi native, signed by the Raiders as an undrafted rookie out of Mississippi State in 2004, has relished the fresh start he’s gotten with the Patriots. With New England at 4-0, it is the longest win streak he’s enjoyed since his days at Provine High in Jackson, Miss.


Kelly has become a favorite of reporters for his personality and one-liners, including this one after the Patriots’ Week 2 win against the Jets: “I’d rather have ugly wins than pretty losses any day, and I had a lot of pretty losses in my career, so I’ll take the ugly wins.”

First job: I was a bus boy at my dad’s restaurant…it was a Greek restaurant. He made gyros and all type of Greek food. That was my first job. …that was in college.

First car: A Chevy Caprice “bubble.” White. Blue leather. It got stolen. I bought it at auction, real good condition, but it got stolen a month later. I had a little money saved up and then my daddy helped me.

Favorite TV show: I watch a lot of TV; I watch everything. Favorite? “Boardwalk Empire.” I gotta watch “Boardwalk Empire.” I also watch ESPN, Military Channel, History Channel, Food Channel. I wouldn’t say I’m a history buff, I just like to be in the know.

Favorite meal: Fried chicken. Fried chicken, Jiffy bread and macaroni & cheese.

Prized possession: My kids. Two boys, and a little girl on the way. Kelly and his wife welcomed their daughter on Monday; she was a healthy 7 pounds, 2 ounces.


Place I want to visit but haven’t yet: Probably somewhere like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. My wife wants to go an island, so we’ll probably go this offseason.

If they made a movie about my life… It’s gotta be a comedy. A movie of my life…we’d call it “Love & Football.” (Who plays me?) It has to be somebody big and funny, somebody like Earthquake or Bernie Mac. Somebody that will have you laughing the whole time.

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