Tom Brady confident in his technique

FOXBOROUGH — After a week in which he was less than his usual stellar self, Tom Brady said he was still confident in his technical ability to deliver the football around the field.

Brady finished 22 of 46 passing for 228 yards and an interception in a 30-27 overtime loss to the New York Jets. It was a game marked by missed opportunities, though. He was unable to connect with his receivers on deep passes, going 1 for 5 on throws 20 yards or more. And he was unusually inaccurate on passes between 10 and 20 yards (4 of 15), an area of the field that he’s quite comfortable with.


But Brady knows that there needs to be improvements, and there are always throws he wants back.

“There are definitely times where I need to put more arc on the ball,” he said. “That definitely helps. Sometimes it is decision-making and sometimes it is execution and throws. Sometimes you try to drive and you don’t drive it, or sometimes you drive it and you shouldn’t have driven it.

“But it’s just, what is the coverage, and how do you envision the ball getting to the receiver? When we don’t hit them, you always evaluate them and you think, ‘Man I’ve got to do a better job. I wish I put a little more on this one.’ Some you wish you had done better, and some are pretty good. You are always trying to work to improve those things.”

For Brady, there is no difference with the distance or direction of his throws, so long as he he has his mechanics in order. There hasn’t been any emphasis on one troubling trait or the other.

“Well, we haven’t evaluated that much at this point,” Brady said. “I think we’ve just kind of gone through the season and just put together a game plan based on what we think is going to work this particular week, and wherever the ball goes, it goes.


“When you throw the ball inside or outside, they’re all straight throws. I mean every throw to the left, to the right or deep is straight, at least from the quarterback’s standpoint. It’s just a matter of getting your footwork in the right place. I don’t think about ever throwing right or left or short or long. I feel if your mechanics are good and your decision-making is good then it will be a good throw.

“If the throws are off, then it probably won’t be. So you have to work on both those things and then hopefully that will help you lead to more completions.”

Brady was also asked about the Red Sox being in the World Series, saying he figures they’ll win the fall classic in five games.

“Yeah that’s our team,” he said. “I’ve been here awhile so I’ve got to see a lot of Red Sox games over the years and watched them win a few championships. You know, you don’t take these for granted because you don’t know if they will ever come again.

“The Red Sox had a great year, and what they’ve done based on what happened last year shows everybody what fighting through adversity is about. They’ve obviously got a lot of mental toughness, and it’s a great thing to see, it’s a great thing to watch to go from last place or whatever they were last year to playing in the World Series.”

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