Sopoaga calls trade to Patriots ‘dream come true’

FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots’ newest defensive tackle, Isaac Sopoaga, had quite the day on Tuesday after finding out he’d been traded from the Eagles to the Patriots.

“Ohhh. You know about the meaning of the word ‘hectic’, right?” Sopoaga said. “When I found out yesterday, I was with the Eagles, and then, I have to drive to South Jersey to pack my stuff and get ready. You know how that feels.

“Doing your own ‘Fast and the Furious’ thing on the highway, even though it was a 50-mph speed limit. But us Samoan people, we go double the speed limit. I was going roadrunner speed.”


Listed at 6-foot-2, 330 pounds, the 32-year old Sopoaga opened his brief meeting with reporters by saying Aloha and invoking a little prayer. He also stood on the chair in front of his stall – he was given the open locker next to Rob Ninkovich – making it easier for cameras to see him.

“We all have to work together, right?,” he said.

Sopoaga couldn’t contain his excitement at being with New England.

“It’s like a dream come true, to be honest,” he said. “[I] respect these guys — the last 10 years, they’ve won three times, the Super Bowl. It’s just awesome. An awesome feeling.”

He added that Wednesday is his daughter’s fourth birthday, and that Tuesday and Wednesday felt like his birthday as well, thanks to the trade to New England.

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