Getting to know…LeGarrette Blount

FOXBOROUGH – When the Patriots traded RB/KR Jeff Demps (and a seventh-round pick) to the Buccaneers during draft weekend earlier this year, getting RB LeGarrette Blount in return, on the surface it looked to be an exchange of players neither team really wanted anymore.

Demps, a coveted free agent after returning from the 2012 Olympics, spent his rookie season on injured reserve then decided he wanted to postpone the NFL a bit longer and continue running track; Blount had been supplanted in Tampa Bay by Doug Martin, and the team deemed him expendable.

But Blount has stuck around in New England, playing in all eight games thus far, with 65 carries for 265 yards; he’s also the team’s primary kickoff returner.


In the locker room, he’s one of the most talkative Patriots, always joking and laughing with teammates. He also, apparently, has a fondness for one-pot dinners…

Favorite meal: Hamburger Helper, cheeseburger macaroni. Easy, quick, and it tastes good.

First car: ’93 Caprice Classic. My sophomore year in high school my mom found one for like $1000. It was an elderly couple that had it and they hadn’t driven it for years and they wanted to get rid of it, and my mom bought it and brought it to school and surprised me with it. My mom actually wrecked it (after) I had her for the whole school year. And then I got another one my junior year, same car, just a different color. Got that for like $1500. [So you just like Caprices?] Yeah; I have one now. This is my third one, because I wrecked the second one.

First job: Playing in the NFL. I’ve never worked before until now. I made sure I played every sport so I didn’t have to get a job.

What’s in heavy rotation on your iPod: Drake. [You’re the third straight guy to say that.] It just came out, that’s probably why. Everyone is bumping that Drake album. That’s in heavy rotation in the whole locker room.


Prized possession: A bracelet my mom got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. That’s the only piece of jewelry that I wear. [It’s special because it’s from her?] Just because she gave it to me. I’ve had jewelry before, but I didn’t really wear any of it. Then she gave me that.

Place I want to visit but haven’t yet: I want to visit Dubai, and I want to go to Brazil.

If they made a movie about my life… I don’t know what kind of movie it would be. It would have to be like ‘The Program’ or something. [Shane Vereen, from two lockers over: “‘Finding Nemo’?” Then insists Blount has to pick a better movie than ‘The Program.’] Ok, ‘The Blind Side.’ [The teammates laugh.]

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